Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Studio open?

Please see the list of our Business Hours here

Where is the Studio located?

Please see a map of our location here

Is Salt Therapy safe for children?

Yes it is very safe for children, in fact children respond quite quickly to this kind of treatment.

Is Salt Therapy safe?

Yes Salt therapy is a 100% natural therapy.

Why does Salt therapy make you feel relaxed?

Negative ions (which are good for you) are released as the halogenerator grinds the pharmaceutical salt.  These ions help to improve mood and physical wellbeing.

What results can I expect?

It has been shown in Clinical Studies that after paitents have completed their prescribed sessions (usually 2 a week) that their breathing was less laboured, sneezing, coughing and shortness of breath was improved and the usage of medical drugs was significantly decreased

How does salt therapy work?

Our state of the art Halogenerator grinds a pharmaceutical grade salt into fine particles of between 1-5um.  These particles are so tiny they are able to reach every part of the respiratory tract clearing these areas of pollutants and bacteria. The salt particles act as an antibacterial agent, dissolving polluntants and bacteria.  These are then either coughed up or released via the bloodstream.  Salt therapy also reduces inflammation of the lungs, thins out mucus build-up, helps improve lung function and widens breathing passages.

Can I have a private session?

Yes private sessions can be booked, please contact Salt Halo staff.  Some people with extreme skin conditions all over their body may like to expose their body in a bathing suit and a private session can enable this.

How often should I attend?

Because everyone has varying different conditions the determination of sessions is assessed individually.  It is recommended however that for most conditions it will be at least 8-12.

Can I take anything to drink and eat into the room?

As salt is covering the floor and walls we ask that no food or water be taken into the room thankyou.

What can I take into the room?

You are most welcome to take something to read in with you but we ask that all mobile devices are left in the lockers provided.

Is there any chance of infection from others?

Salt has antibacterial properties therefore the chance of infection is reduced.  Salt Halo also exchanges the air in the room after each session.

Are there any side effects to Salt Therapy?

There are no known negative effects .  Some paitents whom are smokers and have respiratory conditions may experience coughing and the expelling of mucus.  This will reduce with further sessions as the mucus is expelled.

They say too much salt is bad for me, then way is salt therapy ok?

Salt therapy allows you to breathe in a 100% drug free salt aerosol.  We use a pharmaceutical grade salt which has no impurities or additives.  The amount of salt entering your lungs in this treatment is very low. (room concentration is 1-10mg/m3 whereas the adult daily intake is of salt 6g) Salt is actually good for us, its just using the right salt and not too much.