Healing the Body as a Whole

We at Salt Halo have a holistic wellness approach that addresses the mind, body and spirit, or the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of an individual.  The Macmillan dictionary defines holistic as thinking about the whole of something not just dealing with particular aspects. There are several parts that make up the whole, our bodies are made whole by a collection of several parts, internal organs, blood and other fluids and energy.  Usually when one part is affected the whole body is affected in some way.  For instance if you have a cold your muscles ache, your eyes are watery, your nose is blocked and you have a headache.  The whole body needs relief to be cured.

An aspect of Holistic health is giving your body what it needs to heal itself and one of those things is de-stressing your body.  If you don’t take time to de-stress you cannot heal your body.  The body is a self- healing organism and given the right circumstances it can heal itself.

The holistic approach is not the only way to get better, but it’s a great way for your whole body health to achieve long term results.


  • Reduces stress and increases relaxation
  • Improves circulation
  • Helps cleanse the body of toxins and impurities
  • Revitalises and increases energy levels
  • Helps in preventative care
  • Promotes general state of wellbeing
  • Helps to lift the mood and reduce feelings of depression
  • Improves immune system

So to help this process in our Salt Rooms we provide a completely natural therapy, a welcoming, tranquil and relaxing environment with colour therapy lighting to enhance your wellbeing and appropriate music and sound therapy to compliment your experience.


In our Salt Rooms colour therapy is provided by the latest Led lighting in the 7 basic colours of (red, orange, green , yellow, blue, indigo and violet) to provide a unique and relaxing atmosphere which helps the body regain its natural balance.

Colour therapy is when you absorb colour energy through the nervous system to the part of the body that needs it.  Each body has its own optimum state of wellbeing and is constantly seeking of ways to maintain or restore a balanced state.

It’s an age old technique based on the belief that colours are capable of influencing us at a physical level as well as emotional.  There has been numerous scientific research over the years highlighting the role colours play in influencing the nervous system, immune system and metabolism.  This is a form of treatment which does not cure symptoms but gets to the root causes of any imbalances without leaving behind any harmful residues that the body has difficulty in eliminating.

Utilizing Colour is one way to help yourself to harmony.